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Helping Canadians find out what emergency financial assistance they're eligible for.


There are so many different kinds of help and resources available for those suffering financial hardship because of COVID-19 and the social distancing measures we are taking to slow down its spread. But how do you navigate it all? These programs are rolling out so fast, and coming from so many different places, figuring out what is available and how to reach it can be really confusing. We want to help!
We are a group of students, professors and alumni from Thompson Rivers University's, Faculty of Law. We are developing questionnaire apps that will easily help you find out what financial assistance you might be eligible for. Our apps will also give you a customized report about other programs you might be interested in, based on your specific situation (for example, programs for students if you're a student, programs for freelancers if you're a freelancer, etc.).
The information we are giving is not legal advice, just information to help guide you through all the confusing stuff out there.

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Building the CERB Helper

Last Friday, we released our CERB Helper app. It guides people through the rules about who's eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. The Canada...
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CERB Eligibility Questionnaire

The Canadian Emergency Response Benefit gives people who have stopped working because of the COVID-19 pandemic $500/week for up to 16 weeks. The eligibility requirements...
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Mortgage Deferral app

Are you potentially eligible for mortgage deferral due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Click on the link below to find out! Can I defer my mortgage?...
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Financial Assistance and Benefits Available.

It is human nature to be oblivious of the gravity of a situation until it is at our own door. I had seen the worry...
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COVID-19 Financial Help: Pulling It All Together

Check this web site for information about resources for Canadians (especially in BC) dealing with financial hardship due to COVID-19. There are so many different...
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