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Financial Assistance and Benefits Available.

Financial Assistance and Benefits Available.

It is human nature to be oblivious of the gravity of a situation until it is at our own door. I had seen the worry and fear of people facing financial hardship, but it was not until my own family went through it that I truly realized how overwhelming it could be. Navigating through countless news articles, government updates, government websites and programs offered through companies could be just as stressful as the financial hardship that you are trying to rectify in the first place. So, I did what law students do best. I simply synthesized and condensed information from much smarter people into something I could understand. The Financial Assistance and Benefits spreadsheet attached is an easy way for people to see what options are available to them if they are facing a loss of income or other financial hardship. It is a reminder that they are not alone in this time of difficulty.



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