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COVID-19 Financial Help: Pulling It All Together

COVID-19 Financial Help: Pulling It All Together

Check this web site for information about resources for Canadians (especially in BC) dealing with financial hardship due to COVID-19.

There are so many different kinds of help and resources available for those suffering financial hardship because of COVID-19 and the social distancing measures we are taking to slow down its spread.

There are brand new programs including direct payments from the federal and provincial governments to replace lost income, support with rent and mortgage payments, help for people dealing with homelessness, special services for Indigenous communities, and extra assistance from food banks.

But how do you navigate it all?  These programs are rolling out so fast, and coming from so many different places, figuring out what is available and how to reach it can be really confusing.

We want to help!

About ten days ago (aka roughly 10 months ago in Coronavirus time) some students started circulating and building on summaries of the various types of financial help and resources that are available.

We’ve created this web site to share what we have found.  We are also working on an app, in partnership with our wonderful friends at Neota Logic, to help people navigate the various eligibility rules.

This project exists because of the initiative, ingenuity, and public spirit of our students and alumni.  They are superheroes.

Watch this space…

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